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Scholarship Program

The Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center reaches out to talented and underserved children in the Greater Philadelphia community through its Scholarship Program. Scholarships are based on merit and financial need. Applications are available to students who qualify and must be submitted to the office by the deadline. Application to the program does not guarantee an award. For more information please contact the office.


Assata Hazell, Director of the Scholarship Program, started her dance career at the Wharton Settlement Center under the watchful eye of Eugene Harris. With his recommendation Ms. Hazell was accepted with scholarship, into the Philadelphia Dance Academy of Performing Arts, directed by Nadia Chilkovsky. While attending the Academy she became an honor student and began performing with Civic Ballet. Assata received a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governors School of Performing Arts, which allowed her to work closely with Alexei Yudenich & Barbara Sandonato. In Philadelphia, Assata taught & danced with so many extraordinary teachers, & dancers and landed her with Philadanco. While on Scholarship at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and, dancing with Philadanco, she began working with Mr Talley Beatty.

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