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Dancefusion is a modern dance repertory company dedicated both to the reconstruction of historic works from America's rich record of modern dance, and to the creation of innovative new works. Dancefusion serves its mission by 1) reconstructing historic works; 2) introducing new choreography; 3) providing dance training through programs at the Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center and educational residencies for the community; 4) nurturing fusion2, training company for young dancers, and; 5) expanding public awareness through programs and performances to diverse audiences.

Artistic Director Gwendolyn Bye founded Dancefusion in 1987; which has presented annual home seasons along with performances and teaching residencies for 30 years. The company has reconstructed historic works by legendary American modern dance choreographers Mary Anthony, Pauline Koner, Anna Sokolow and José Limón. Dancefusion has also created new works by Artistic Director Gwendolyn Bye and company members as well as guest choreographers Colin Connor, Kun-Yang Lin, Daniel Maloney, and others.

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